I’ve been meaning to get to the gym.  Maybe you’ve heard this from a friend but most likely it is yourself talking.  Yep. This has been my head lately. And in true time management control freak fashion, I’ve decided to take action and quit whining about it.  “An experiment”-I’ve told myself.  This helps me take action for the most part.  (Which is another blog post later.)  The experiment is to fill my gym bag and put it in the car. The action will be for me to stop at the gym after work.  Which involves creating a new habit, always an adventure of reward and reminding.  I’m up for the challenge. My first course of action is to get in to “The Feeling Tone“.  This is something that Derek Rydall  teaches.  What that means is that I will start surrounding myself with the people, places, activities, and objects that make me feel like I am being the “person that goes to the gym after work”.  It’s not just changing my mindset, it is changing my physical surroundings to support my habit change.

So what is in my gym bag?

The items in my gym bag that support me in getting to the gym are as follows:

  • Clothes
    • shirt
    • pant
    • socks
    • headband
    • bra
  • Shoes
  • Towel
  • earphones
  • flip belt
  • toiletries
    • lotion
    • soap
    • deodorant
    • perfume
    • hair product
    • shampoo
    • conditioner
  • Gym key
  • Water Bottle

That’s it.  This list will get me motivated and feeling like I am that person that goes to the gym.  I cannot forget the gym bag itself. In order to get started I just found a bag that I had around the house.  However, to really get into the “mood” of going to the gym.  I might like to find something more fun.  Same with the bag that I put my shoes in.  Right now all I have is a generic plastic bag.  I’d like to find a cute draw string bag to put my shoes in.

What objects make you “feel” successful in working out?