The big 3 priorities in your life can be used to refocus when you feel as though your life has been crazy busy or if you feel like a tornado just blew through. I find when brain dump then figure out what category a task/concern goes in to then I can prioritize and plan.
For example here is my latest brain dump:
Life On Her Own
Amy’s Photos
House Chores
Courtney’s Meals
Working out/ Food

Here are my Big 3:

Then I categorized them:
Life On Her Own (Freedom)
Resume (Freedom)
Selling/DeCluttering (Abundance)
House Chores ( Freedom)
Courtney’s Meals (Freedom)
Finances (Abundance)
Working out/Food (Health)

I counted up how many tasks/concerns I had in each category.

Then I figured out how many hours of productive time after the day job I have.
I have about 3.5 to 4 good hours. From 2:30 to 5:00/5:30. I split this up to the following based off of the tasks I had and how important I think it is.

1 hour Health
1 Hour Abundance
2 Hours Freedom

Freedom got 2 hours because I cannot make myself do the “fun things”. I am having a passion crisis. Meaning I get scared that I am doing things that I really love to do. Don’t ask. I think it is some form of scarcity thinking. Stemming from my childhood. I don’t want to get to close because it will be gone. Logically, I know that I need to continue to work on my Freedom bucket. But emotionally, I associate it with something hurtful. Anyway, this is the reason for this exercise. To get refocused/ committed as well as budget out my time. Make the most of my time.
Time to make the most out of yours. Are you starting to pull your hair out with all the crazy busyness there is in your life? Take 10 to 15 minutes to brain dump and sort the tasks in to your Big 3 buckets. Don’t forget to let some of those tasks go. If they don’t fit in a bucket. It is not important. I’ll write a post later on how to know if something is important.