The Ultimate Planning Guide: Living 3 Months at a time intentionally

This is the last piece of a 5 day planning guide. If you are just joining me on this blog post, it is a part of a larger ultimate guide.  The next steps won’t make sense without the previous 4 days.  You can find day 1 here.


Do you have a current calendar? Or do you just live life on auto pilot? Figuring what ever comes up, what ever adventure, appointment, or life event comes up will just happen? This is why you are here. To anticipate your life, your next 3 months, your next week, or even tomorrow. You cannot do these things with out some sort of calendar. You may have that wall calendar that you buy every year at the end of the year. For me this year it is one on pathways.

wall calendar










It is calming right?

This is not the calendar I’m thinking of. It is the calendar that is your working calendar. Something that you add appointments to. Something that you may share with the family. Something that moves you forward with your goals.

Choose a Calendar

Just a few words about the next paragraph.  There are affiliate links meaning I get a little bit of money if you purchase from some of my recommended calendars.  However,  I have used all of these and only recommend what I have used and loved and I think that you would love to.
I recommend something that keeps you motivated. It could be something that is inspiring like my pathways calendar. Or it could be themed to something that you like. It just needs to be used by you on a daily basis. For me that is the bullet journal. My planning life changed once I discovered the bullet journal. To find out more about bullet journaling you could look here Ryder Carroll or here BOHO Berry. These two websites do a great job in bullet journaling. I also recommend my friend Lindsey’s calendars on ETSY for a custom themed calendar. A simple easy to use calendar on line or printable is at Win Calendars. Shared calendars on line are very effective with Cozi Calendars or Google Calendar. For more linear/logical planning I love Levenger products as well. Point being that there are many calendar systems you can use. Pick one use it. If it doesn’t fit your style, meaning you never use it. Pick another one and start using it. You will have to find the best calendar for you. But don’t get stuck in analysis paralysis when you start to pick out your calendar. Pick on that seem interesting and go with it. I know I haven’t made it easy for you. 🙂Tomorrow Plans

Using your Calendar with the Mind Map

Now it is time to put your mind map into your calendar to give your goals some more structure to be accomplished. You are going to use a monthly calendar and a weekly calendar.

Monthly Calendar

Step 1: Write in appointments and prep for those appointments.

Starting with your monthly calendar, put in all of your appointments and events for each month. This is easy as there is no breaking down of goals it is just an awareness of what is coming up. Write in any prep in anticipation of those dates. An example would be if you have any birthday cards you want to send out. You may want to write in buying the cards 2 weeks before the birthdays and sending the cards out 1 week before the birthdays. Now comes the harder part of breaking down your goals for the month.

Step 2: Write in your goal dates and actions to support

Take your MT goals and write in any of the dates of that goal that fall within the 90 days you are planning for. You are then going to work backwards from that date till now breaking that goal down into smaller steps.

Click Here to see bigger  Example of a Monthly Goal Break OutMonthly Goal Example


What smaller actions must you take by when in order to make that date? If you need to mind map this step before you add your steps to the calendar you may do that. Sometimes it is self evident what needs to be done by when to reach a certain date.

Weekly Calendar

The weekly calendar is something that you will revisit each week. This weekly planning is part of what keeps you sane through out your week and days.

Step 1: Pick a day to wrap up your week and plan for the next

My day is Sunday. I have time in the morning to myself where I can review what I did last week and move any thing I didn’t do to the next week. Keep this day consistent if you can. Try a day if you cannot fit it in try another day. Before I started planning on Sunday I had picked Friday because it was the end of the work week. However, I found that Friday didn’t work as it was just as busy going in to the weekend. So I moved it to something that worked. Always implement systems that work with you.

Always implement systems that work with you. ~Tweet This

Step 2: Use your monthly calendar to put in your appointments and events

This is the same step as with the monthly calendar but for the week. You already know what they are as you have them on your monthly calendar.

Step 3: Use your monthly calendar to put in your goal steps

Using your monthly calendar put in your to do’s. This should be a simple transfer.

Step 4: Weekly Tasks

There are 2 types of weekly tasks or to do’s.

  • Recurring
  • Unique

Recurring tasks are things that happen every week. Like garbage day, grocery shopping, etc. You could write those in if you have a tendency to forget them. Or if you want to have system for making sure they get done. For example: I do laundry everyday and I have a day of the week for each load of laundry. I write those in if I think I might forget to wash the sheets on Monday.

Unique tasks are things that only happen that week. I am referring to tasks that need to happen but aren’t in conjunction with the Big 3 or your goals. An example here might be to make a potluck dish for work.

Put these tasks and to do’s in to your weekly calendar. Some of these could be on the day it needs to happen or just as a simple to do list that you mark off


Click here for a printable M-S weekly calendar 

Take Action

Now it is time to take action. You have your 90 day plan. You can work that plan. You know what you need to do. Now you can do it. As you take action, notice how life becomes more inline with your values with your “Why”. You should start to feel as though your efforts and energies are focused on what is important to you: your Big 3. If you start to feel overwhelmed again. Revisit your self-care. After all these 90 days are about you. Don’t loose sight of that. If you would like more on this process of Quarterly Planning and haven’t gotten my free Quarterly Planning Workbook click below.  It is this process but in more detail with a lot more hints on how to take control of your most precious resource ~ your time.
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