The Ultimate Planning Guide: Living 3 Months at a time intentionally


This is a piece of a 5 day planning guide. If you are just joining me on this blog post, it is a part of a larger ultimate guide. Please start at Day 1 and Day 2 before going on. The next steps won’t make sense without the previous 2 days.


As you were picking out your Big 3 I’m sure you were thinking about what you wanted in those departments. If it was in career, maybe a new job. If in Health/Fitness, maybe to loose 10 pounds. You already have a small idea for those 3 goals. Write those goals down. If you have any feelings attached to the goals write those down too. What I mean by that is if I want to lose those 10 pounds. I would write something like: “If I lost 10 pounds I would feel like I could wear my favorite clothes again. ” Or if I felt negative about it: “If I work on losing 10 pounds I might not get to eat my favorite foods.” Your goals and feeling about those goals are valid and any observation on reaching those goals should be acknowledged. That is how you can stick to our “WHY” statement and move through fear or inertia.  Acknowledge those feelings, know what they are and when they come up, then take action anyway.  You are driving this life, not your fear or inertia.

“You have to feel your own personal truth with a little ‘t’ – your sadness, rage, frustration for example — in order to get to the Truth with a big ‘T’.” ― Derek Rydall, Emergence: The End of Self Improvement


How do you get from your very idealized goal to actualizing it or making that goal happen? There are a few tools that will get you from that ideal goal to taking action and making it happen.

bold actionAt this point you have been learning, dreaming, figuring out what is important to you with one small action to get you moving. Now its time to plan. Your going to do this with the following techniques and tools:

  • MT goals
  • Mind Map
  • Calendar

I’ll explain and go through each one of these techniques and tools today we will focus on MT goals then the next two on subsequent days.

MT Goals

If you are at all familiar with goals you have probably heard of SMART goals. It stands for Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, Timely. This technique for setting goals is great, however you don’t need to set goals with so many components to be effective. All you need for your goals are to be Measurable and Timely, MT (not empty). An example of an MT goal would be:

By January 5th 2017, I will have saved up $3000 for a trip to Hawaii.

In this example there is a time/date set and measurable goal. You could even break this down further by stating how much you will save a month.

By January 5th 2018, I will have saved up $3000 for a trip to Hawaii by saving $50 a month.

The beauty of the MT goal is that you can break it down into action steps and you can track your progress.  MT goals take that elusive feeling of what you want and gives you the ability to see it actualized.  You now have a way to control your dreams and outcomes.   Which is what we will do for this 90 day plan. As you are crafting your MT goal, do not forget the work that you did on your “Why”. One of the most sacred contracts that you keep is with yourself to be  congruent.  Congruency. Sacred Contract.


Write down your 3 MT goals.

Now it is time to create 3 MT goals, one for each of your Big 3 departments. Write those goals down. You’ll need them for tomorrow, Day 4: the Mind Map.

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