The Ultimate Planning Guide: Living 3 Months at a time intentionallyMost of us feel as though we never have enough time for those things that matter most. Family, Friends, big goals, time for self…etc.

This post is for you if, you feel as though:

  • Your trying to catch up.
  • Holidays and birthdays sneak up on you
  • You go into a store and are exasperated that it is already Back to School, Christmas, or other holiday.
  • Look back and exclaim, “What happened to summer, fall, spring, winter, etc…”. I wanted to do ____________. (fill in the blank with the fun thing you wanted to do).
  • Feel overwhelmed at the prospect of the next season.
Retail doesn’t just happen. The seasons come year after year. Marketers know the cadence of consumers and are prepared months in advance of any sales or promotions.


I’ve worked in retail for 12+ years (heavy on the +). Each year the seasons change and the merchandising, sales, and labor/staffing change with those seasons. Usually to the chagrin of the shopper. I’ve lost count on how many times I’ve heard the following phrase from customers: ” I can’t believe that Christmas is out now.” How did you read that sentence? If you read it and agreed that ” Yep. The Holidays come way too early every year.” Or you read it and agreed that ” Yay! I love it when The Holidays show up in the store.” You would be one of the two types of customers that state the fact of Christmas in the store with either disgust or delight. Like it or not how early the Holiday sets and product start arriving in the store, merchandising plays an important role in retail. It is called planting the seed. Retailers, content producers (magazines, products, and the like) are all busy like Santa the year before or seasons before creating and planning to get these wonderful “toys” out on the shelf as early as September. Why? To get you the consumer to think ahead. To buy now for gifts later. If not now, then for when you are ready to go back and buy the item. You have been exposed to all those wonderful products and you must have them when the time comes. The seed of product suggestion was planted and time helped cultivate it.

Like it or not how early the Holiday sets and product start arriving in the store, merchandising plays an important role in retail. It is called planting the seed.


After working so long in retail it dawned on me that the companies I was working for were making bank by being just a few steps ahead of the seasons. So I started thinking like a business. I started planning ahead. I recognized that most companies on top of their yearly and monthly goals that they had two other types of goals in between half and quarterly goals. Why was I only planning out a month in advance at best? Heck, I could plan 3 months out. In fact, it gave me the advance plan in my life to take advantage of sales, vacation plans, set goals, and just know what things were heading my way. I’m pouring out some of my best practices for planning on a Quarterly basis below.

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The best way to predict your future is to create it. ~Abraham Lincoln


Let’s look at what Quarterly Planning means for you:

  • You make room for what is important to you.
  • You have a dedicated plan for your time because your time is your best asset.
  • You have a reliable, stable plan for 3 months.
  • You are planned out month after month.
  • You have a plan in place to realize goals.
  • You are able to take on your life with forward thinking in manageable chunks.
  • You make time for meaningful, purposeful, end goals.

How would it feel if you were to finally able to write that book, to travel, to take that class on sewing? Wouldn’t it be spectacular if you felt like you were ahead of what was coming at you on a day to day basis. A day, week, or even month planning will get you some of it but not all of it. Even if you are into high level goal setting. It is very difficult to take big dream goals like writing a book and put the action steps straight into your day. The day catches up to you. It gets away. Month planning helps, however usually the month is already spoken for before you even begin planning it. 90 day planning is manageable. It is ahead but not too far ahead. It is close but not too close.

90 day planning is manageable. It is ahead but not too far ahead. It is close but not too close. ~Tweet This

These 5 posts on Quarterly planning is for you if:

  • You feel time crunched.
  • You want to take the right action at the right time.
  • You are set on intentional living.
  • You want to be proactive/get ahead.

A few things that Quarterly Planning has got me is writing and sending Birthday cards ahead of time to help support my goal of reaching out to my loved ones. Quarterly Planning has let me create a plan to start a business while working full time and fixing up a house. I can’t say enough of planning 90 days in advance. So let’s get to how I Quarterly Plan and how you can too.

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The beauty of Quarterly Planning is that you can start it at any time. You don’t have to wait to the end of the month or the beginning of next month. Start today. Start this week. Start from where you are.start today. planning. 90 day

There are 6 components of planning for 90 days that will lead you to the results you want. These are the 6 days of this ultimate planning guide. They are:

  1. Self Care
  2. Life Departments
  3. The Big 3
  4. Goals
  5. Mind Map
  6. Calendar

I’ll give you the the why and the technique behind each one in the next 6 days. First we start with you.

Self Care

Quarterly Planning is about you. It is about your time. So that is where we start. You. Let’s talk a bit about self-care. If you do not have you, you have nothing. So be selfish with what is important to you. Give your self compassion, love, forgiveness, and understanding. I have written a blog post on it here. I encourage you to check it out. I make a case for the importance of you. So I don’t have to convince you any more. Let’s take some action.Self Care, Compassion, love


Step 1.

Determine your “WHY”.

Why are you planning anyway? Do you want to write that book? Spend more time with your family. Make an impact in a big way? Score the best price on your dream vacation? Think about the feelings you have around these big dreams and goals. This is “Why” you are doing it. Then create your “Why” statement.

Fill in the blank: I am planning my life intentionally in order to feel:

Step 2.

Take one small action today that will make you feel that way.

That is scary stuff! I actually have to take action to make my self feel good in some way? Start small. Take a bath. Have your daughter paint your nails. Light a candle while you do the bills. What ever you can do to accomplish the feeling that you want to achieve by planning out your life.

Let me give you an example: My “Why” statement is: I am planning my life intentionally in order to feel like I am sharing my life story and contributing in a big way to women in the world. This seems pretty daunting, right? Well at least it does to me. However, the small step that I can take today is to answer questions in a Facebook group of women that I belong to. To reach out and call my friend to see how she is doing. To write down an idea that I had for a blog post. Any small action that will get that feeling going. Start surrounding your self with the people, places, and things that make you feel extraordinary. Because you are!
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Quarterly Planning. 90 Days


Step 3.

Put that “Why” statement on display.

Write it down. Create a piece of artwork around it. Create a photo in Picmonkey or Canva and put the text over it. Scrapbook or collage it. Take a photo and put it on desktop as wallpaper or on your phone’s lock screen. Put it on the fridge. Put it where you can see it. This helps keep you focused on what is important to you. Here is an example of my “Why” statement.WHY statement. planning


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Tomorrow we will visit Day 2 of the Ultimate 90 day planning guide, Life Departments; the 6 categories that make up your life.

For More tips and an in-depth look at Quarterly Planning:  Download it here.
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