The Big 3

The Big 3 are the largest priorities that you have in your life.  These priorities are larger categories that can contain smaller goals.  Using the Big 3 gives you the big picture guidance as to what is important to you on a large scale.  They help you stay focused when the small things pile up and the world gets crazy.

My Big 3 are:




I came up with these with a lot of self reflection.  I realized that I wanted to be free in my life to do what I would like to do. This includes mental freedom as well as physical freedom.

Abundance for me means gratitude and recognition of what I have in my life as well as being a steward for the responsibilities and blessings in my life including family and friends.

Health is a big one for me.  I recognize that I cannot have either freedom, or abundance if I do not have my health to keep me alive to do all the activities that I want to do.

What are your big 3?  Share with me what is important to you in your life on a large scale. How do you use them to stay focused in your life? I’d love to hear your story.