Recently, at my day job a co-worker stated that “we make space and time”.  It sounds so cool! Especially since I am a geek.  Very SCI-FI!  Really though. That’s what my job is. To move things around to make space and do it in very little time.  So you would think that as my “Supervisor” job it would come very naturally to me to do this for my home and business, right?  It comes very natural to me at work but at home/business. It is hard!!  Why? Because I haven’t done this before. I’ve done the day job for over 5 years. That’s 5 years of practice.  That’s getting closer to the 10,000 hours of practice that Malcolm Gladwell speaks of.  So I am charting new territory for myself.  You’d think that I give myself a little leeway. NOPE.  I’ve got to be perfect out of the gate.  Oh wait…  I mean progress not perfection.  So hard to break that habit that’s been with me all my life.  (HIGH C).  Anyway,  I’m trying to do what I do best which is to connect concepts and experiences together to apply to something completely different.  So what are those concepts and experiences in this case?

  1. Prioritize!!  What are your big three?  Do you know them by heart?  Are they posted somewhere you can see them?
  2. Use a calendar.  If you do not have an active calendaring system. You need to make one.  Things do not happen by rote.  This has to be a calendar that you like to use. Other wise no buenos. No time made.
  3.  Leave room for the inevitable change of plans as well as down time.  We all know what that is.  It is the kids, the significant other, the dog puking, air conditioning going out, etc.  Figure out what your top 3 interrupter items are.  (hint: they are probably things that need attention in your Big 3). That’s ok.  One of my Big 3 is health.  Will I put working out on the back burner if I need to attend to my other Big 3 – family?  Oh Yeah. You bet!!!  (Anything to get out of working out!) No that really isn’t my attitude most of the time. 🙂
  4. Act.  I forget to do this.  What??!?  I am the type of person who is so in love with planning and organizing that I forget to execute.  Analysis Paralysis!  If you are stuck at this stage. There are many ways to get going.  A few of them: accountability partner, timed sessions or, your “why” (you want to do it).
  5.  Re-evaluate.  Figure out what worked and what didn’t in this process.  What did you learn? What did you do well?  What could you do better or more efficient?  Make those changes next time you are trying to carve out time to do the things that are important to you.

I know that time can’t be made out of thin air.  However, with a bit of focus and time spent planning for how you want to spend your time, you’l feel as though you stretched your time budget.  Speaking of budget, It’s time for me to work these same concepts on my money budget.  I’ll make sure that I plan that as part of my home and business time.