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Hi, I’m Charlene.  I’m committed to helping other women live a courageous life through practical tips, encouragement, planning/productivity management, self discovery, leadership, DIY and more.

 Why Life On Her Own?

At the age of 21, I purchased a house. Overwhelmed by new independence (I was supporting myself with my first real job, and making my way through college), the responsibility of home ownership was a huge learning experience. I questioned if there were other women new to living life on their own like myself – struggling to balance all the facets of life and how they were managing it. There had to be other women trying to figure out how to fix up a house, work, and make something of herself.  Other than my parents, I had no outside resources easy to access for answers.  Where were my female peers making it, and how?

We’re Going To Make It

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After college, I became a professional organizer. I saw this same overwhelm I had.  My clients were hard working women spinning their wheels trying to get everything right.  I found that these moms and professional women were extending themselves to keep the home running while pursuing their dreams.  The feeling of being buried by the clutter, unending loads of laundry, making of meals, raising children, and effort of maintaining family and friend bonds was just to much for them to bear by themselves.  They were trying to figure out how to balance the day to day while keeping true to themselves and working toward a future day when everything just comes together.  I worked with these women, observing them bust their butts and yet, still not feeling like there was a sense of transcendence and abundance in their lives.  Listening to their stories, I decided that I needed to share with other women the things that I was learning in my journey to freedom and abundance.  I sought to reflect back to these women how courageous, beautiful, and inspiring they are.  To show them that the overwhelm they felt came from this feeling of being less than and that is simply not true.   I wanted to share with other women that a Life On Her Own is making a life unfold with courage – on her own terms.

My goal is to help make you, through the sharing of my own journey, make an easier transition to a life lived based off of your decisions and aspirations.

I’m not a Certified Life Coach, or Guru of any kind.  Just like you, I am a woman working hard at living life and finding my way to making it. I’m a geek for self-discovery, lifetime learning, leadership and personal freedom.  I’m passionate about ensuring women feel empowered.  I’ve compiled a free personal organizing strategy that will help you start working on your inner why, gain some insights on some limited beliefs, and move you toward action on your organizing needs.

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Life On Her Own is committed to helping independent women to confidently navigate a life where she lives a confident abundant beautiful life.  This online resource provides:

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